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Crestwood Behavioral Health

Crestwood Behavioral Health

about crestwood Solano

Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. has been providing residential mental health recovery services in Solano County since 1978.

Crestwood Solano’s Our House and its Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF), are innovative programs based on Crestwood’s commitment to providing mental health clients a continuum of care that puts them on the road to recovery. Crestwood Behavioral Health Center Solano’s clients participate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) treatment model, a self-help recovery system designed to decrease symptoms, increase personal responsibility, and improve the quality of life.

Crestwood’s programs in Solano are based on the company’s commitment to providing mental health clients a continuum of care that firmly puts them on the road to recovery. Additionally this campus offers an intensive program focused on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, commonly known as DBT.  DBT is a form of therapy developed by Marsha Linehan Ph.D. at the University of Washington that is an evidence-based practice used to treat clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. DBT assists clients in learning skills to help them to regulate their emotional responses to situations that occur in their lives that they may have previously responded to in a self-destructive or aggressive manner. DBT consists of individual therapy sessions that are held weekly with an individual therapist to review events from the past week, and diary cards that a client keeps daily and follows the treatment hierarchy. Also weekly 2-5 hour skills training classes are held that focus on emotional regulation skills, mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, and distress tolerance skills.

Embracing a mind, body, and spirit approach to recovery, Crestwood Solano has developed a home-style, from scratch cooking nutritional program using whole foods to support the total wellness and education of our clients.

Special Feature

Crestwood Solano is a campus training site for students pursuing various careers in the mental health field. Local nursing RN, LVN  and LPT students do their psych rotations in the adult residential and community-based programs. This provides an innovative and unique opportunity for the students to experience recovery principles in these settings.


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Crestwood Solano is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which provides international standards for rehabilitation organizations to follow that promotes the quality, value and optimal outcomes of services. Crestwood believes this accreditation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest level of care and rehabilitation.


  • Crestwood Solano, Our House
    2201 Tuolumne Street
    Vallejo, CA 94589
    (707) 558-1777
  • Crestwood Solano, Psychiatric Health Facility
    2201 Tuolumne Street
    Vallejo, CA 94589
    (707) 234-2222

leadership team

  • Helen Okeigwe
    Campus Administrator
  • Michele Sheldon
    Program Director, Our House
  • Ikema Ross, ASW
    Clinical Director, PHF
  • Ashley Glover, RN
    Director of Nursing, PHF
  • Deborah Allen, MT-BC
    Campus Activity Director
  • Hal Jarvis
    Director of Culinary Services
  • Gibran Leesha
    Director of Administrative Services