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Training & Events!

RRS offers a wide range of peer, recovery, resilience and wellness trainings and events.

Current/Upcoming Training and Events:

Fresno County

09.14.2021 - 21.12.2021

Peer Personnel Training – 54 hours Online

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Turning Point Community Programs

08.06.2021 - 05.11.2021

Peer Personnel Training – 54 hours Online

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Recently Completed Training/Events:

Howie the Harp - NYC

09.22.2021 - 22.09.2021

Anchors in Resilience

Southeast Nebraska CASA

09.15.2021 - 15.09.2021

Anchors in Resilience

CASRA – California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies

09.08.2021 - 12.09.2021

The Next 40 Days to a Resilient Journey of Meaning and Purpose

Howie the Harp - NYC

09.08.2021 - 08.09.2021

Working with People we Find Challenging

National Council of Social Services - Singapore

08.15.2021 - 07.09.2021

Peer Support Specialist Program - Online


Some of most popular training opportunities:

Course – Preparatory Peer Support Learning Orientation Course
This 2-day interactive, skill-based workshop prepares students for a successful learning experience in a classroom setting. It will also provide study skills and support an informed decision about pursuing a position as a peer support specialist. The workshop includes dynamic facilitation delivery, participant workbook, interactive PPT’s, Facilitator’s Guide, and a Learning Assessment with a correlating Customized Learning/ Study Plan. This course is designed to be taken prior to the Peer Support Learning for the 21st Century course.

Course – Peer Support Learning for the 21st Century (PSL).
The “Peer Support Learning for the 21st Century” is an 80-hour training course for individuals who have a lived personal and/or family member recovery experience from mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. The competency-based PSL course is highly engaging, interactive, skill-centered and, in many ways, provides for a life changing experience. This course will prepare participants to master peer support competencies. During the skill-based class sessions, students will interact with fellow classmates as they practice peer support with fellow participants. They will receive ongoing and just-in-time coaching feedback on their performance of newly learned peer support skills. The overall learning experience utilizes adult learning principles to optimize retention and skill transfer to the workplace.

Course – Recovery Practices for Organizations.
The 4-hour “Recovery and Resilience Training for Organizations” Workshop is highly fun, interactive, and skill based. The dynamic team and reflective exercises will cause employees to examine how they presently view recovery and resilience while inspiring them to step up their practices. One key objective is to help the whole organization get on board with recovery and resilience services. Participants will gain hands-on experience on how to apply recovery and resilient skills with the people they serve as well as their co-workers. Another key objective is to provide staff with an understanding of the important role peer support plays in recovery services and outcomes.  Staff will also gain concrete tools and strategies to sustain recovery and resilient culture and services.

Course – Recovery Practices for Leaders – Peer Supervision.
This 2-day fun, dynamic, and experiential course provides leaders with the principles and practices for creating and sustaining a recovery and resilient-oriented service environment. Participants will gain hands-on experience on how to use several recovery and resilient leadership tools and strategies for leading and coaching peer support specialists as well every other professional staff member on their entire team. The workshop also provides leaders with an opportunity for a reflective personal and confidential staff inventory of their leadership style. The course prepares each leader to develop a professional vision statement, a Professional Resilient Employee Plan (PREP) and a Resilient Action Plan to implement recovery and resilient principles into their teams and resilient leadership practice.

Course – Resilient Culture Playbook Workshop.
This 1-day fun, dynamic, and highly skill-based Resilient Culture Playbook Workshop provides supervisors and team leaders with an innovative, just-in-time supervision tool and process to help them build and sustain a recovery-focused and resilient culture. This is an excellent complement to the Recovery Practices For Leaders course. Participants will learn about the 10 building blocks of resilience which are: perseverance, positive relationships, self-regulation, optimism, courage, perspective, community, spirituality, contribution, and meaning and purpose. Participants will participate in two team huddles to experience what it means to facilitate a team huddle for delivering a resilient and wellness skill refresher. They will then get hands-on practice in using the Resilient Culture Playbook. Participants and conduct their own huddle in the workshop to earn certification as a Resilient Culture Coach.

*Additional customized recovery skills training can be developed to meet your Organization’s specific needs.
* Pricing available upon request.

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