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It’s About Growth…

Recovery is possible.

Recovery is integrated into all of our levels of care across each of our campuses. We strive to create an environment that fosters our recovery values, while providing enough guidance and support to allow clients to make choices and actively participate in determining what recovery means to each of them.

We strongly believe that recovery is a supportive process where a person is encouraged to maximize their life and achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment. It is a deeply personal and self-directed process built on hope, empowerment, meaningful roles and spirituality.

there's strength in

  • family

    there's strength in

    We are committed to providing safe, secure and responsive mental health services to the entire family. We strongly believe that our partnerships with clients, their families, our staff, the community, business associates and volunteers are vital to the success of our programs.

  • compassion

    there's strength in

    We honor the preservation of each client's self-respect and dignity, and we demonstrate our compassion through warmth and caring in everything we do. Kindness is an essential element of all of our programs, and a trait we value highly in our staff and partners.

  • commitment

    there's strength in

    For more than 50 years, we have been uncompromising in our commitment to provide the most effective mental health services and recovery care to clients throughout California. Our staff, partners, and company leadership share in this vision for today and the future.

  • enthusiasm

    there's strength in

    We have a strong pride in ourselves and a natural enthusiasm for the work that we do. And we believe that smiles and laughter are a key ingredient to a therapeutic atmosphere and client growth. Positive feedback from our clients and partners echo these sentiments.

  • flexibility

    there's strength in

    We recognize that clients, their families and communities present a range of mental health needs. Flexibility allows us to meet these needs, and provide our clients with the most appropriate programs and services to enhance their wellness and promote recovery.

  • character

    there's strength in

    We go beyond describing problems, we solve them – with integrity, trust, respect and dependability. We believe that strength of character is vital to supporting our clients, and our staff integrates this resolve into every program and activity we support, from our locations in San Diego to Eureka.



Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which provides international standards for rehabilitation organizations to follow that promotes the quality, value and optimal outcomes of services. Crestwood believes this accreditation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest level of care and rehabilitation.

Social Responsibility

Crestwood is deeply committed to creating a positive impact on society and the environment. This value is integrated into every area of the company’s operations – from finance to procurement and transportation – and addresses the needs of a broad range of stakeholders, including employees, clients, business partners, communities and the environment.

Crestwood is proud to be an Associate Member of the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR™), a global nonprofit organization that works with its network of more than 250-member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world. From its offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, BSR™ develops sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration.

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