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Crestwood Behavioral Health


Recovery Outcomes That Change Lives

Crestwood Behavioral Health achieves our recovery-oriented outcomes through setting and adhering to optimal standards guided by best practices, core values and integrity.

Evidence of effectiveness measured by a smile

Our Recovery Outcomes data at Crestwood first begins with an idea and moves to a concept. It then becomes a conversation and moves to an agenda item. It then takes form and is named. It grows in the conceptualization and is reviewed by a variety of staff members. It is tested in concept for validity, reliability and ease of use for our staff, meaningfulness with our clients and evidence that it will work. It then becomes a pilot and is tested for 6 to 12 months. It is measured and observed for effectiveness and re-engineered based on effectiveness. It is then launched to all our programs and becomes a vital element of our Recovery Outcomes System.

Crestwood Recovery Outcomes:

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

  • 61 WRAP groups per week across 20 CBHI Campuses
  • 65 Community stakeholders WRAP trained
  • 318 Clients with a WRAP Plan
  • 573 Staff with a WRAP Plan
  • 94 Certified WRAP Facilitators
  • 15 Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • 327 trained DBT Crestwood therapists.
  • 23 Crestwood programs implementing intensive DBT.
  • Average of 198 clients each month participate in DBT

Meaningful Roles and Supported Employment

Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness


We have 36 staff who are licensed Zumba Instructors and Zumba is offered twice a week at our campuses.


  • At the Sacramento Center Campus: Between May and August, 29 clients lost weight (between 0.8 to 19.8 lbs), 5 clients gained weight (between 0 and 6.2 lbs), and 1 client’s weight remained the same.
  • At the Eureka Campus: Between June and September, 18 clients lost weight (between 1 and 17.2 lbs), and 7 clients gained weight (between 1 and 10.8 lbs).
  • At the American River Campus: Between June and August, 11 clients lost weight (between 1 and 13 lbs), 10 clients gained weight (between 1 and 18 lbs), and 2 clients’ weights remained the same.
  • At the Napa Valley Campus: Between March and May, 51 clients lost weight (between ½ to 35 lbs), 48 clients gained weight (between ½ and 37 lbs), and 7 clients remained the same.



Crestwood and University of California Davis conducted a study for publication that indicates that these heart healthy diets contribute to the mitigation of diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Success Stories

Read about real outcomes, real success, and real recovery experienced at Crestwood.

Success Stories

in their own words

"Idylwood believed in me. It's a great working environment and I love interacting with the residents."
Nnekae Edwards
Social Work Assistant/Program Counselor
Idylwood Care Center

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