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Meaningful Roles and Supported Employment

Crestwood hires, trains and retains peers in our programs and in the community. We created the Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network (DEN) a not-for-profit dedicated to employment of people with disabilities. Supported employment and supported education is promoted to all of Crestwood’s behavioral health programs.

Supported employment and supported education are evidence-based treatment tools that we believe is the key to de-institutionalization and successful integration into the community for our clients. Crestwood’s partnership with Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network has provided a rich experience with employing clients at all levels of services, as well as in the competitive employment in the community. The DEN partnership has enabled us to expand the supported education to include adult education at most of our sites.  Some of our facilities also have clients enrolled in college and are completing certificated programs through the community college system.

Here are a few inspiring stories from a few of Dreamcatchers clients and how Dreamcatchers changed their lives:

“In 2015 I had been out of work for more than 2 years and found myself working at Ross to make ends meet. Not that Ross isn’t an okay place to work, but I was making minimum wage which back then was only $9 per hour. I had been a Sparkpoint client for a few months, attending an interview workshop led by Sylvia G. and had been using the WIB for classes such as resume building, etc., but not getting the callbacks I needed. One morning after being at Ross for a few months, Sylvia called to say an opening for an Admin person had come up at Dreamcatchers, which was her primary employer. I hesitated, can’t really say why, but told Sylvia that I was working at Ross. I will never forget her response, “Don’t you want a REAL job?” Those words changed my life.


I interviewed with Dreamcatchers and received a job offer a week later as Program Coordinator, which is a job I absolutely love and believe I was born to do! After almost seven years of employment, I can’t say enough about the wonderful people I get to work with and how rewarding it is to track our clients as they get jobs that change their lives as well.” – Renee P.


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