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Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc.  is proud to be California’s leading provider of mental health services, assisting thousands of clients from across the state. Our focus is on creating strong relationships with counties in which we both have a financial commitment, providing the services which are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs, and reinforcing a common set of values that guide our practices and policies.

our mission & values

Our mission at Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. is to create a partnership with clients, employees, families, business associates and the community in caring for individuals of all ages affected by mental health issues. Together, we invest our energy to enhance the quality of life, social integration, community support and empowerment of mental health clients.

Crestwood promotes wellness and recovery by providing quality and cost effective programs in a socially responsible manner, and works with families and communities to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Crestwood’s values – family, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility and character – drive the work that we do every day at all of our facilities. Our staff members embody these values and they serve as the foundation of the programs and services we provide.

our community

Crestwood has a long history of active involvement in the communities where our facilities are located. In many areas we provide vocational training and job placement services through the Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network, a nonprofit organization we founded in 2000. We also provide internships, residency and chaplaincy programs through local colleges, and in many cases we develop special programs for the community to benefit from our services.

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