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We are proud to share stories from our clients, staff and stakeholders who continually inspire the work that we do.


Thank all of you for your care, concern and services

“I wish to thank all of you for your care, concern and services that you provided to
my brother, LK. He was always in good hands, yours.

– The K Family

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A positive experience at Hummingbird Healing House

“Our experience with Hummingbird was so very different. Early on, we received our first call from Scott Cranny. Scott let us know that he would be working closely with J. during his stay there. He explained the goals of Hummingbird and the plan he had developed exclusively for our son. “

– L. & J.

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The Path of Recovery and Resiliency of one of our Amazing Clients from the Crestwood Fresno Bridge

J.J.H. joined the Crestwood Fresno Bridge family in October of 2018 and since that time, she has demonstrated resiliency and hope through her personal strengths of self-advocacy. On her first day at the Fresno Bridge, J.J.H. stated that she wanted a part-time job in the community and her goal was to move within 6 months. She started her recovery journey by becoming employed through the Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network and working onsite as a kitchen inventory assistant at the Fresno Bridge.

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Idylwood Care Center- A place of roses, sensitivity and respect

Written By: Baljit VikramSingh (Sister)

My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and hospice care was needed. The diagnosis and the burden that came with it was heavy. It was a great relief when my brother Bobby was accepted to move to ldylwood from Stanford Hospital. ldylwood was not only able to provide the mental health support he needed but also provided exceptional care for his cancer and ultimately his end of life. It is a beautiful setting, close to our home so that we could visit and take Bobby home as often as possible and when the end came, were able to be with him.

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Crestwood Crisis Stabilization Unit in Fairfield Providing Comfort and Hope for Recovery

Dear Crestwood,
I am writing to express the gratitude I have been able to observe by the community served at the Crisis Stabilization Services of Solano County.

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Hope, Love and a Miracle Reunion in Eureka

At Crestwood Eureka we have a client who is blind and who had not been in touch with her son since he was 6 years old.  Being estranged from him and her ex-husband for these many years had added to her trauma and depression. For years she had sent letters trying to locate both of them, but to no avail.

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A client’s heartfelt thank you to the staff of the Crestwood Bakersfield PHF-

At my time of low, you picked my spirits up. I have been in two other mental health facilities and they were cold and just too “hospitalish.” Crestwood is very different, unique and has friendly staff. I love the homey feeling and how the staff calmed my already shaken nerves.

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Collaboration Changes Lives!

I would like to share an awesome collaborative success story for former client Greg.   Greg was conserved and placed at the Crestwood Fresno Bridge.  Through Greg’s hard work, determination and perseverance, he earned his release from conservatorship early because of the great support he received from the Fresno Bridge staff.  Greg benefitted from the groups that are offered there such as WRAP, Money Management, DBT, and Social Skills.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Making a Difference

My name is Patrick. I have been learning about DBT for 6 or 7 months at Crestwood San Diego. I have noticed that DBT is helping me in a lot of ways. Before I started DBT I did not handle problems in a healthy way. DBT has taught me some healthy skills.

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Two Incredible Crestwood San Diego and Crestwood Chula Vista Graduates who are Making a Difference and Giving Back

When Crestwood San Diego opened in June 2014, a client named J. was admitted to the program in its second week of services. It was then that J. and staff created and began working on her personal plan for recovery.

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Becoming Stronger Everyday

The time of my life began when I came to Crestwood Treatment Center, Fremont. I feel like a part of the family. I enjoy being with staff, as well as residents. We are able to completely talk with one another and learn from each other. Since I’ve been at Crestwood, I feel I’ve grown to be more thoughtful and understanding to others.

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A Client’s Thank you to Crestwood Solano Staff

This letter is to inform your organization of the exemplary and outstanding services of not only Crestwood as a whole, but individual recognition of a number of your nursing and support staff.

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The Amazing Staff at Crestwood American River Campus

Two wonderful stories from American River

A client was admitted to the American River PHF unit following an attempt at suicide.  He was very withdrawn, not interacting with staff or peers.  While meeting with his Service Coordinator, the man mentioned that he was not able to read the forms presented to him.

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Sarah’ Story- A story of redemption and recovery.

“Even though my recovery was hard and sometimes I didn’t feel like it was worth it, and felt like the arguments outweighed the successes, I wouldn’t change anything that happened at the Bridge for anything in the world.”

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Bob’s Story

Bob F’s recovery journey is an amazing reminder of the fragility of the human mind. Born in Hong Kong, Bob moved with his family to Benicia, and later, as a young man, had begun actualizing the American Dream.  He had a wife, three children and a great job as part owner and chef of a Chinese restaurant.

– Bob F.
Crestwood Solano’s Neighborhood of Dreams Wellness and Recovery Program

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Donna Wigand’s Story

“Together, we struggled against age old bias, fear and a misinformed constituency within the community to establish a safe environment for consumers seeking recovery and their rightful place in society. Today there is a calmness… a broadening of understanding, and the recovery of spirits.”

– Donna M. Wigand
Former Director Contra Costa Mental Health

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Julia’s Story

“What I have seen, and what I have experienced with Crestwood Pleasant Hill, has impressed me.”

– Julia Bonacich
Parent and Advocate

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Reverend Chet Watson’s Story

“The mentally ill are no different than anyone else… they can recover and have a productive life, given the opportunity that Crestwood provides.”

– Reverend Chet Watson
Past President, NAMI California

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