Crestwood Behavioral Health


Becoming Stronger Everyday: One Client’s Positive Journey at Crestwood Treatment Center, Fremont

The time of my life began when I came to Crestwood Treatment Center, Fremont. I feel like a part of the family. I enjoy being with staff, as well as residents. We are able to completely talk with one another and learn from each other. Since I’ve been at Crestwood, I feel I’ve grown to be more thoughtful and understanding to others. I’m able to learn from everyone and able to succeed in everything I try to do. The relationships I have made make me stronger and this has helped me overcome the difficulties of my past. I feel happier and stronger than I’ve ever been. I have more confidence now and am more willing to share myself with others and let them share themselves with me.

When I first came to Crestwood I used to stay in my room and not talk with anyone. Now I feel more open. It used to be so hard for me. It was like I didn’t want to grow. I just wanted to stay in my room. I wasn’t ready to come out and let my peers know what I liked or what I was like. I was like a depressed person locked in a cell. I never really could come out to let the world know where I was at. Being able to go on outings, being involved in planning the outings, working in the Dream Team snack shack, I felt more successful and like I could do things.

When we have groups I feel like we are together and we work together as a team and that has made me feel like a better person. The groups make me feel like I am able to complete a goal with my peers and understand that we are a team and support one another. The jewelry I make helps me both to get out tension and feel successful. Reading my WRAP and going through the exercises helps me to relax and not be so agitated. The time I take with my WRAP is maybe not as long as it used to be, but it’s not stressful like it was at first, because I am able to learn from it. Now I feel my wellness plan makes me stronger and my day less hard than it has been.