Crestwood Behavioral Health


A Client’s Thank you to Crestwood Solano Staff

This letter is to inform your organization of the exemplary and outstanding services of not only Crestwood as a whole, but individual recognition of a number of your nursing and support staff.

Upon my arrival, one of the nursing staff not only showed professionalism, compassion and aptitude, she went above and beyond superior standards to treat, care for and monitor wounds that were not only life threatening, but were on the verge of infection. Thanks to her attentiveness to her duties, professional experience and ability, she observed, reported to and received permission from the Doctor, after his observations and diagnosis, to treat and arrest a wound that turned out to be in her observation a serious abscess. Subsequently, she recognized an infection starting to fester on my right wrist which was initially the least serious of all my wounds. In my opinion she is by far the best staff nurse when it comes to serious wound care. The crew of nurses all assisted and made the pain bearable and eventually not more than a nuisance. Along with wound care, the nursing staff provided needed and highly appreciated counsel on suicide and the aftereffects of it on surviving loved ones.

The activity assistant has the patience of a saint and his smile is contagious. On more than one occasion during groups, kept not only his composure and control of the group during outbursts, arguments and imagined wrongs done to clients by staff, but he kept his smile and diffused the situations by letting the person vent during or after the group, discerning what was necessary. Not once did he let a client leave without feeling their words were not heard and the situation rectified. I personally looked forward to Mondays so that I could smile also.

All of the other program monitors were completely professional, courteous and compassionate towards all clients. Again-smiles. When a crisis occurred never once was there a negative or uncalled for action on their parts. From meal service and showers, to making sure we were safe to and from one another, they were attentive, caring, patient, fun and wise beyond their young years. Kudos to your HR director for assembling and training that core group of monitors. They were like watching an orchestrated ballet with every action being for a purpose, by eye and body language, having the goal of keeping all safe, especially for unfortunate clients with delusional experiences. The overnight staff was just as attentive and caring.

Thanks to your organization and my own self-realization, I want to live long. I am no longer in pain and I am not ashamed to say I was a client at Crestwood. It’s better than the cemetery. If no one person or client ever acknowledges your staff and their abilities, I am now taking the time to do so now. Most clients may or may not appreciate or even understand what those in Mental Health and in particular your staff deal with every day, year in and year out. Profoundly and from the deepest part of my heart and being, I thank each and all of you and wish you all the best and continued innovation in a misunderstood and under recognized profession. If the above staff can receive a copy of this letter in their personnel files it would be as if I personally thanked them. Once again, thank you and sincerely and best wishes.