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Collaboration Changes Lives!

I would like to share an awesome collaborative success story for former client Greg.   Greg was conserved and placed at the Crestwood Fresno Bridge.  Through Greg’s hard work, determination and perseverance, he earned his release from conservatorship early because of the great support he received from the Fresno Bridge staff.  Greg benefitted from the groups that are offered there such as WRAP, Money Management, DBT, and Social Skills.  The Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health’s RISE (Recovery with Inspiration, Support and Empowerment) Team provided intense case management and along with support from the conservatorship office and Greg’s family, Greg now feels confident that his independence will be a success.  I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to every person that supported Greg through this process.

I would also like to give an example of how the Crestwood Fresno Bridge goes above and beyond for their clients.  Greg had a bicycle that he used for attending classes at Fresno City College, to attend Church and other activities.  One day his bicycle was stolen.  Greg’s response was not one of anger, instead he accepted it graciously, even knowing it would make it harder for him to get where he needed to go.  At Greg’s Graduation Ceremony at the Fresno Bridge, the staff presented Greg with a new bicycle that was even better than the one that had been stolen.  The generosity of the Crestwood Fresno Bridge staff was greatly appreciated by Greg.  He could once again attend his classes and other activities.  Greg’s success story is a great reminder that through collaboration- the work we do with our clients allows them to make life changing transformations in their lives.

 Contributed by:

Robert Wilson, Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health, The RISE (Recovery with Inspiration, Support and Empowerment) Team