Crestwood Behavioral Health


Crestwood Crisis Stabilization Unit in Fairfield Providing Comfort and Hope for Recovery

Dear Crestwood,

I am writing to express the gratitude I have been able to observe by the community served at the Crisis Stabilization Services of Solano County. Earlier this year my husband had a break in his mental stability and wanted to commit suicide. Being residents of Solano County, I took him to the, the Crisis Unit that was run by another provider at the time. I cannot express enough the horrifying experience it was for myself, as well as him. We were first told to wait in a hallway for a Sheriff to search my husband, an experience that made us feel criminal. I then had to watch him as the took his personal effects, his shoes, his coat, everything and gave him nothing in return. After saying goodbye, I was worried about if he would recover or would this place push him further down the rabbit whole he was in. He was released the next day with horror stories to tell. During his visit the only food and drink offered to him were oranges and orange juice despite him informing them he was highly allergic. They also did not provide even a sheet to keep warm with through the night and he never saw a worker except for med pass. They left him cold and alone.

Now for the positive things. A few months later I found out that Crestwood has taken over services at the Crisis Stabilization Services and I got to see the transformation. And what a transformation it was, there was no more sheriff pat downs, no more staff staying safely behind a wall, no more hard plastic chairs and sterile hospital feel. Instead, you were greeted with a warm friendly face and leather couches with tranquil fish swimming on a TV.  I saw that there were beds and blankets. Staff were sitting with clients and conversing with them. While I was there I got to hear the excited gasps as EMTs brought in someone new and heard their hushed words about how peaceful it seemed now.

Curiosity got me on my husband’s next trip to his doctor. I knew she had patients that have been to Crisis Stabilization Services before and after Crestwood, so I asked what his thoughts were. What he told me had me smiling, he reports were that his clients come back telling him now if they go to the Crisis Unit they feel like there is a chance for recovery and they feel like staff is there to help. While I hope that my family won’t need the Crestwood crisis services again, I do sincerely hope that they continue to do such an outstanding job helping the community achieve recovery.


Touched community member