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Idylwood Care Center- A place of roses, gardens, care, sensitivity and respect

Idylwood Care Center- A place of roses, gardens, care, sensitivity and respect

Written By: Baljit VikramSingh (Sister)

My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and hospice care was needed. The diagnosis and the burden that came with it was heavy. It was a great relief when my brother Bobby was accepted to move to ldylwood from Stanford Hospital. ldylwood was not only able to provide the mental health support he needed but also provided exceptional care for his cancer and ultimately his end of life. It is a beautiful setting, close to our home so that we could visit and take Bobby home as often as possible and when the end came, were able to be with him.

Every member at every level of the staff was incredible. From the front desk to nurses and nurse’s aides, social workers and housekeeping were caring and did their job with a smile. The caring, courteous, professionalism of staff was very heartwarming and impressive. They all addressed him personally either as Mr. Dhillon or affectionately by his “pet” name, Bobby.

The dietician was outstanding. She checked on him multiple times every day. Even his taste and preference for food was attended to almost by “special order.” It was very touching to hear, “We want to give him anything he wants while he is with us.” For example, plain yogurt with every meal. Even when he stopped eating, it came just in case he might want a spoonful.

The doctors were thorough in explaining all the medical needs and care that was provided, but they also expressed concern of the emotional toll. They explained the end may be very hard for me, his elder sister, to take care of him at home and to see and witness his demise. I had taken care of him for over a decade since our mother passed but this would be different and far more difficult.

The end came quickly. First, his daily outings with me stopped. The last time he came home was a month before he passed when he came to attend his favorite grand nephew’s birthday . He said he no longer wanted to leave ldylwood.”They are taking very good care of me and If feel safe here.” I asked if he wanted to move back home when he knew his end was nearing. He said, “No sister, let me pass on here. You have done enough, too much for me. May God bless you.” The last food he took from my hand was 3 spoons of yogurt with sugar. A few days later only 3 spoons of water.

The staff was very caring, respectful and supportive. They took care of him till the very end with great gentleness. But, they also took care of us, the family.  The staff was very thoughtful and they moved him to a private room so that he could have peace and every one in our family could come and say goodbye. I spent one night and was preparing to spend the next, but his time came.

I was holding his hand and had the other hand on his heart talking to him saying, “Bobby no more pain, no more meds. You are going to join our ancestors and all who came before us, our mother and father. Then he took a breath, a pause and one final short one. His last breath. The night nurse, an angel  from Eritrea, hugged me with heartfulness and shared my grief at the loss of my little brother saying, “I have a little brother and I love him more than anything else in the world.”

ldylwood Care Center-a place of roses, gardens, care, sensitivity and respect. I thank you all, every member of a phenomenal staff, from the bottom of my heart. My brother passed with great dignity and peace and lived his final months with comfort and care.