Crestwood Behavioral Health


The Amazing Staff at Crestwood American River Campus

Two wonderful stories from American River

A client was admitted to the American River PHF unit following an attempt at suicide.  He was very withdrawn, not interacting with staff or peers.  While meeting with his Service Coordinator, the man mentioned that he was not able to read the forms presented to him.  We were concerned for his progress, as we struggled to communicate with him.  Because we knew he was challenged to read, we purchased several pair of magnifying eyeglasses and gave a pair to him.  The man put on the glasses and immediately became teary-eyed.  He went around the unit thanking everyone, shaking hands.  He was now speaking to all, including the doctor and his Service Coordinator.  He was discharged two days later.  He asked to keep the glasses.  ABSOLUTELY!

We had a difficult situation come up, involving two staff serving dinner at American River Residential Services.  One staff person walked off the job.  A Dreamcatcher who had been trained in the kitchen happened to be in the dining room when this occurred.  She responded to the remaining staff’s request for assistance, helping clean-up and organizing the kitchen for the next day. And there was no hesitation; just confidence and competence.   She was amazing and we are so grateful she was there!