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Crestwood Behavioral Health


The Path of Recovery and Resiliency of one of our Amazing Clients from the Crestwood Fresno Bridge

J.J.H. joined the Crestwood Fresno Bridge family in October of 2018 and since that time, she has demonstrated resiliency and hope through her personal strengths of self-advocacy. On her first day at the Fresno Bridge, J.J.H. stated that she wanted a part-time job in the community and her goal was to move within 6 months. She started her recovery journey by becoming employed through the Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network and working onsite as a kitchen inventory assistant at the Fresno Bridge. Some of J.J.H.’s job duties as a kitchen assistant include maintaining a clean kitchen and store room that meet health code requirements, completing kitchen safety checks, and storing the food inventory according to safe handling procedures. She always ensures that their kitchen is well-stocked and ready for the week’s menu and food preparation. She shows up to work on time, is ready to work and is diligent and performs her duties with none or minimal direction.

In October, J.J.H. also pursued her goal to get part-time employment in the community with a job working in sales. Her bright personality and charisma have made her a successful ambassador for the Nespresso brand and her skills have shined through when she is demonstrating to her clients how to utilize the products to make delicious coffee at home. J.J.H. not only shines when working, but she is also an active participant in the groups offered at the Fresno Bridge and is always supportive and understanding of her peers. She has completed her WRAP plan and has developed a list of supporters to support in her transition back into the community. J.J.H. will be transitioning from the Fresno Bridge and back home in early August 2019 and her plans include staying on with Nespresso and saving enough money to transfer within the company to Los Angeles, where she can reunite with her children and continue to work in sales. In June 2019, J.J.H. was nominated for Dreamcatcher of the Month for her outstanding performance in her work duties and her participation in her recovery. Way to go J.J.H., we are so very proud you!

-Martha Crawford
Campus Administrator, Fresno Bridge