Crestwood Behavioral Health


Julia Bonacich, Parent and Advocate

I feel so grateful that Crestwood Pleasant Hill is right here in my neighborhood. It is clearly known that family support coupled with the right kind of mental health facility can make all the difference to our loved ones with mental illness. As a parent and an advocate, I watch carefully and takes notes! What I have seen, and what I have experienced with Crestwood, Pleasant Hill, has impressed me. The quality of their staff is to be commended. Theirs is not an easy task, but they rise to the occasion. They are always professional, always happy to answer my questions, are cheerful and steadfast in their work. Did I mention positive? That too.

The fact that families are encouraged to be a part of the healing process and that I have always felt very welcomed to participate, speaks volumes about their programs. There needs to be more places, like Crestwood Pleasant Hill, that will keep our loved ones safe as they progress on the path of recovery. Thank you, Crestwood, for all your hard work and support.