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Crestwood Behavioral Health


Thank all of you for your care, concern and services

Dear Idylwood Care Center Staff,

I wish to thank all of you for your care, concern and services that you provided to
my brother, LK. He was always in good hands, yours.

I know, he was difficult to deal with at times and you probably have personal concerns as to what you are achieving with your dedicated service. Let me be one to tell you that those efforts on your part are invaluable.

I know that social services and especially services for those with mental health issues, are low on priority lists for budget considerations and appropriations. Many times, you probably question your own impact on society. Without you and many like you, we would be in far worse condition.

LK’s break with reality took place in 1966. Prior to that, he was finishing up his Master’s degree in Mathematics. He was hospitalized many times and was placed in several homes and group facilities. He would frequently go off his medications and wander on the streets of San Francisco. He had his favorite spots like the Silver Avenue Cafe where the owner, Sam, would assist him.

I am grateful that a caseworker finally got him in ldylwood Care Center where he has been a resident for a long period of time. Without that intervention, I am sure he would have died on the streets of San Francisco and been considered another homeless person. You all gave him a home and the care he deserved.

Thank you for the care given to him and all your residents. May it never be said that you are not worth your weight in gold. Also know that California offers much stronger services than many other, if not all, states

Thank You.
The K Family