Crestwood Behavioral Health

about us

Who We Are

Recovery Resilience Solutions has brought together a dedicated, dynamic and compassionate team of professionals with lived experience who bring their vast array of experience of serving, mentoring, coaching, and training people who receive behavioral health services. Our team’s lived experience gives us the credential of “having been there” and our ITE (I’m The Evidence), that recovery and resilience are real.

What We Do

Recovery Resilience Solutions develops and delivers recovery, resilience, and wellness-oriented curricula and training programs to a wide audience of people who receive services, as well as to the staff who serve them. Our training programs are delivered in multiple formats, including onsite classrooms, interactive Zoom classrooms, as well as hybrid and recorded online formats.

We consult with organizations and systems to support them in optimizing recovery and resilience learning strategies. We provide an internationally recognized, nationally certified, and competency-based peer support training program. Our peer support training program has also been adopted as the national peer support training program in Singapore. We collaborate with federal, state, and county partners, including various peer-run organizations and integrated- health organizations throughout the United States.

What We Believe

  • Recovery is the expectation, not the exception.
  • The fundamental way to move recovery forward and optimize recovery outcomes is to employ peer support specialists throughout an organization.
  • When peer support specialists contribute genuine peer support services within an integrated team, then recovery outcomes will be optimized.
  • Behavioral health services are not merely treating mental health issues and/or addiction challenges but is mostly about supporting and empowering people to live happy, healthy, and meaningful lives as contributors in their communities.
  • Not only can people recover, but also organizations and systems can recover.
  • Just as it is often true about personal recovery, organizational recovery is an ongoing process.
  • Hope, personal power, recovery relationships, recovery culture, and meaning and purpose are fundamental paths for both personal and organizational recovery.
  • Sustainability practices keep recovery alive and build resilience while strengthening continued recovery outcomes.