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Recovery is Alive – Inspirational Words of Hope

RRS values our collaborative partners and customers. Providing quality support, education and consultation is one of RRS’s highest priorities to ensure that the outcomes and expectations for our collaborative partners and customers are not only met, but surpassed.

What are people saying about support they have received from RRS?

On-Site Training:

“One of the greatest strengths of the peer program is Chris Martin. It starts with him and he most definitely was the key to understanding it all….and he was so patient with everyone.” Student – G.G., Kings View Behavioral Health, Fresno, CA.

“Chris Martin was amazing! His ability to maintain the attention of participants through the various mediums, as well as his ability to make everyone feel valued, was exceptional.” Student – D.C., Fresno County, CA.

“The material is awesome, important, and informative. However, the way it was presented by Chris Martin is the key to capturing and maintaining the interest of students. You must clone Chris Martin!!” Student – K.P., Orange County Health Care Agency, Santa Ana, CA.

Online Training:

“The experience of having a competency-based program – it was really about the learning. I got a sense of accomplishment by going through the training. Enjoyed the group aspect of the training.” Student – C.V., Orange County Health Care Agency, Santa Ana, CA.

“Theresa Sorensen is a wonderful facilitator. She is very kind, knowledgeable and relatable. Honestly, what I liked most about the training is all the information and knowledge provided. And I especially liked the surveys and assessments…the more I know, the better I can do for myself and others.” Student – C.G., Riverside University Health System, Riverside , CA.

“Facilitator, James Ritchie, had great energy. He seemed to be passionate about Recovery and Peer Support. Kept the class engaged with exercises. Assisted with self-awareness and gave constant positive feedback which gave Peers more confidence and inspiration.” Student – C.G., Sutter-Yuba County, Sutter, CA.

Peer Personnel Program Participation:

“Good morning Julia!  Just wanted to share some good news.  I got the Peer Lead Position at the Wellness Center!  I just wanted to thank you, Scott, and especially Chris!” Participant – K.B., Orange County Health Care Agency, Santa Ana, CA.

“Crestwood Behavioral Health continues to excel in being a champion of wellness and recovery for many of us that have been marginalized and discounted. Wonderful training! Please include me in any other trainings that you host.” Participant – V.R., County of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.