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Patty Blum

Patricia Blum, Crestwood Executive Vice President, has executive oversight of all Crestwood campuses, clinical services, educational services, accreditation, communications, development and dietary services. She is also responsible for developing new mental health programs and transforming existing programs throughout the Crestwood network. She is a founding member of CIBHS’ Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative. Ms. Blum has been a Crestwood employee since 1980.

James Ritchie

James Ritchie serves as the Director of Operations for Crestwood Recovery Resilience Solutions.  He has earned a Ph.D. in the field of cognitive linguistics and has more than 25 years of experience as an educator, including as a college instructor, and as a certified trainer/instructor/facilitator in several areas, including suicide intervention, non-violent crisis intervention, Mental Health First Aid and Wellness Recovery Action Plan Seminar. James’ professional experience includes developing college course curriculum, drafting Student Learning Outcomes for course accreditation, leveraging adult learning principles, and utilizing the Instructor-Lead/Participant-Centered approach to facilitation.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is an international trainer and curriculum designer who has more than 30 years of experience as an adult educator, enabling him to design and develop effective learning programs for adult learners. Chris’s personal and professional experience brings a depth of “having been there” in both his training materials and delivery. His human enrichment materials have been used in organizations all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and Brazil. Chris presently serves as the Director of Learning and Performance for Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc.

Theresa Sorensen

Theresa Sorensen serves as a Director of Learning and Performance II at Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. Having more than 20 years of experience in the mental health field and as an adult educator and developer of course curricula, she supports adult learners in both classroom and online platforms. She started working with Crestwood in 2014 and has previous experience in the field, working for Catholic Healthcare West in the early 2000’s after earning her degree from California State University, Sacramento. Theresa is privileged to have the opportunity to work with Crestwood and our affiliates to support recovery and resilience, bringing attention and intention to the very important work of supporting people as they journey toward fulfilling their hopes and dreams.

Julia Scott

Julia Scott is the Director of Support Services. Her recovery journey of 30+ years, has been a wholistic, healing process including mind, body, spirit, and communing with nature. Reconnecting with her roots taught her the importance of community support as an essential ingredient of the recovery process. After working several years with Resilience, Inc., she is now delighted to be part of this collaborative partnership, as a member of the Recovery Resilience Solutions team! On a more personal note, she is building a Spiritual, Eco-Retreat Center in Baja, MX while becoming a licensed, New Thought minister.