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Crestwood Behavioral Health

Crestwood Behavioral Health

about crestwood Fremont

Crestwood Behavioral Health has been providing services in Fremont since 1985. Currently, the company operates two facilities: Crestwood Treatment Center and Crestwood Manor.


Special Features

At Crestwood Treatment Center, a group of residents, known as the Dream Team, are active participants in the Center’s program structure. The Dream Team program is modeled after a high school, with residents enrolling in multiple classes. Residents work closely to set their treatment goals and work their way towards moving into a lower-level of care.

Patio with a pergula

Special Features

Crestwood Manor has a resident-run library where individuals can check out books and music. Residents can also send and receive email messages from the library’s computer, allowing them to stay connected to their network of family and friends. Crestwood Manor also has a resident-run canteen, the profits of which go back into maintaining the canteen and its inventory.

Patio garden


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  • Crestwood Treatment Center
    2171 Mowry Ave.
    Fremont, CA 94538
    (510) 793-8383
  • Crestwood Manor
    4303 Stevenson Blvd.
    Fremont, CA 94538
    (510) 651-1244

leadership team

  • Kulbinder Hans
  • Narinder Kaur
    Director of Nursing
  • Pamela Stewart
    Clinical Director
  • Dr. Gordon Giles
    Director of Neurobehavioral Services
  • Elisa Aguayo
    Office Manager
  • Lee Labrie
  • Jessie Bustichi, MSHCA
    Assistant Administrator
  • Arcadia Ramos, RN
    Director of Nursing
  • Rashmi Rajadhyax
    Program Director
  • Sheetal Bhatt
    Office Manager