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about crestwood Napa County CSS & MRT

Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. program has been providing mental health recovery services in Napa County since 1994. Crestwood Napa County Crisis Stabilization Services (CSS) provides Napa County children, adolescents and adults, who are experiencing a mental health crisis, a safe and warm place to land. It is their first step on their road to recovery. The Napa County CSS is funded through a partnership with Napa County Health and Human Services.

The CSS is certified to serve 8 clients of all ages and is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and no appointment is necessary. Clients are welcomed into our safe, calming and homelike environment, where they will receive compassionate recovery support from our diverse team of clinical staff who are trained in trauma-informed approaches of care.

Clients are provided with comprehensive mental health services and support for up to 23 hours. After which, they are referred to mental health services in the community that will best meet their needs, so that they may continue their recovery journey.

Our Services Include:
A compassionate and diverse clinical treatment team who have been selected with a focus on lived experience and includes: Peer Specialists, Licensed Clinicians, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, RNs, LVNs and LPTs, Service Coordinators, Recovery Coaches, and Family Specialist.

• Staff fully trained in Trauma-Informed Approaches
• Comprehensive Assessment focused on children, adolescents and adults
• Medication Assessment, administration and management
• Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training
• Counseling from peers, parent partners, and trained staff
• Close observation and monitoring to determine need for further evaluation, hold or referrals
• Dual-recovery assessment, support, education and linkage
• Community services linkage and referrals for aftercare services
• Intensive discharge planning
• Cultural and linguistic competent services
• Spiritual support
• Yoga, meditation and relaxation education and support
• Creative arts resources and supports
• Nutritional training and individualized support
• Wellness counseling
• Natural daytime activities, television, newspapers
• A medical screening provided by nursing or mid-level staff to assess for a co-occurring medical/substance abuse condition and determine need for immediate medical care
• Active treatment and crisis intervention strategies to include utilization of a client’s community support system as it relates to family members and peers
• Referral and linkage to treatment including medical and mental health treatment


About Crestwood Napa County Mobile Response Team (MRT)

The Crestwood Napa County Mobile Response Team (MRT) is a Mobile Crisis Services Program that provides community-based interventions for those experiencing a mental health crisis. The Mobile Response Team is available to go out into the community to support and provide crisis intervention, de-escalation and stabilization services to safely connect individuals with mental health care and resources that will best meet their needs.

The Crestwood Napa County MRT is staffed by Licensed/Registered Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Psychiatric Technicians, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Peer Specialists who can provide services throughout Napa County, including residences, parks, shelters, schools, and hospitals.

The Crestwood Napa County MRT is funded through a partnership with Napa County Health and Human Services.

Crestwood Napa County Mobile Response Team services are available at 707-299-2111.

If there is immediate danger, call 911 immediately.
For example:
• In the act of committing suicide
• Physically assaulting someone
• Threatening someone with a weapon
• Appears to have a medical emergency

If the behavior is escalating, but the person has not physically harmed or tried to harm anyone:
For example:
• Threatening suicide
• Severely depressed
• Verbally threatening someone
• Hitting furniture or walls
• Could become a danger to themselves or others

What to expect:
• Mental health staff will answer the call
• Be ready to answer questions including the person’s name, location and facts
• Depending on the need, a mental health counselor may go to your location
• MRT works closely with law enforcement (for safety purposes) and may co-respond with Police/Sheriff
• After a response, MRT will follow up to provide services
• If needed, MRT can initiate an involuntary psychiatric hold

• Arrival time depends on the availability of the team and details of the call.
• When you call, mental health staff will let you know when someone from the team will respond.
• MRT is not a replacement for law enforcement or emergency medical care when there is immediate danger.

• MRT services are available to anyone in Napa County needing intervention or support during a mental health emergency, regardless of age or insurance status.


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  • Napa County Crisis Stabilization Services
    2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr.
    Bld. B
    Napa, CA 94558
    (707) 227-3900 or (707) 253-4711
  • Crestwood Napa County Mobile Response Team
    2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr.
    Bld. B
    Napa, CA 94558
    (707) 299-2111

leadership team

  • Calai Brown, LCSW
  • Tarah Thomson, LPT
    Nursing Manager
  • Paulette Handy, ASW
    Clinical Director
  • Nina Nelson
    Business Office Manager